Wine Train Murder Mystery in People Magazine

Recently, the Wine Train was featured in People Magazine’s website for their incredible murder mystery train ride!

Read all about it:

Guests are loving the experience – check out the review on TripAdvisor:

“The wine train was truly an experience. We took the train for my mother’s 50th birthday. SHe was blown away with the restoration of the train it was truly amazing. The murder mystery was really good it started from before the train pulled in until we had dessert. Don’t worry if you are doing a dinner you will not be overly consumed with the mystery or missing your special moment. I did think that Friday the train was busy……a little noisier crowd I’m sure because of all the birthdays and anniversary. The cast truly worked hard and they presented a sound mystery in the end. On our run no one solved everything right. The food was delicious and I was satisfied with the options. In the end we bought a few bottles to take home and our pictures to cherish forever. I would do it again and again. Suggestions would be go on a weekday not on the weekend. We dressed up but the crowd was mixed in dress-code. Last but not least tip……..these people work extremely hard.”

Shaneek G, TripAdvisor