The American Canyon, Calistoga, Napa, Napa Valley Hispanic, St. Helena and Yountville Chambers of Commerce, in collaboration with the NCC Countywide Business Advisory Group, have formed a coalition to coalesce and convey the needs of businesses and their workforce to local government as we all work on safely reopening.

Engaging, Connecting and Collaborating

To Keep Community Safe and Businesses Healthy
This coalition is assisting in gathering input from business and community stakeholders to develop draft guidance and rules of engagement for business sector reopening and economic recovery. We will help compile and submit sector recommendations to the Napa County Public Health Officer for review and consideration as outlined in “Napa County’s Recovery Roadmap” version 1.0 of April 30, 2020 The ultimate goal is to insure and maintain our health and safety – and to get our workforce back as quickly as feasible and as safely as possible.

We are sharing messages with our members that while we recognize resuming normal operations immediately is tempting, it is imperative that we each take individual responsibility for the broader effort, and that we are unified and cohesive in our actions.

The unfortunate consequences could mean extended or renewed closures. With a focus on public safety, trust and consumer confidence maintained, our business community will thoughtfully and methodically reopen in a way that will manage and reduce unnecessary risks..

Chambers of Commerce understand that our business community and workforce are feeling uneasy in these unprecedented times. We know that there are questions surrounding the timeline and processes for reopening sectors of our economy, especially when new information emerges almost daily.

The critical and practical guidance provided by the business community and stakeholder groups will be key in developing and implementing a plan for the reopening of businesses and Napa County’s eventual economic recovery. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Valerie Zizak-Morais
President & CEO, American Canyon Chamber of Commerce

Bruce Kyse
Executive Director, Calistoga Chamber of Commerce

Jeri Hansen
President & CEO, Napa Chamber of Commerce

Amy Carabba-Salazar
President & CEO, St. Helena Chamber of Commerce

Whitney Diver McEvoy
President & CEO, Yountville Chamber of Commerce