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Want to get around the major airports in the Bay area? That’s our specialty. Jet to and from our private lounge at Buchanan Field in Concord and arrive refreshed and ready for your morning meetings, or head to Napa or Sonoma for a weekend getaway.

As people reevaluate how they travel—not just where they are headed, JSX has rolled out new sterilization and contact-less protocols, to ensure customer comfort and confidence as they return to the skies. ‘JSX Simpli-Fly’ is a three-pronged initiative that places safety, security, and simplicity at the forefront by focusing on offering the safest and simplest flying experience available today. So you can hop on and simply fly. Visit Website


Located in the heart of downtown Napa, Abide is proud to serve the Napa community with a medicinal cannabis dispensary, catering to local and tourist cannabis connoisseurs alike. Our team passionately provides a next level experience through elevated hospitality services, with an emphasis on relief and education.

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Pacaso, a service which creates a more accessible category of second-home ownership, is now serving Napa Valley. The company, which was founded by Zillow executives, modernizes the generations-old practice of co-owning a second home. Pacaso helps people buy and own a second home through a property specific LLC and reduces the cost and hassle of ownership. Pacaso also manages the property and uses proprietary technology to make scheduling easy.

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Next Talk / Digital Radio Network

Nextalk is a wide area Digital two way radio network that offers cutting edge, state of the art equipment from Kenwood. Nextalk was started in 2009 and is a forerunner in digital radios.

Nextalk offers built-in security against casual electronic eavesdropping via its NXDN® digital air interface protocol. It also includes voice & data scrambling for security against external threats while providing confidentiality within the same system and talk group.

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