Top Reasons to Join the Napa Chamber of Commerce

Business Collaboration with Benefits

We provide enhanced opportunities to grow your business by engaging, connecting, and collaborating in our community as a proud member of the Napa Chamber of Commerce. When you join the Chamber, you become a part of a fast-growing network of collaborative partners that include elected officials; local, state, and federal government employees; community leaders and stakeholders; business owners and employees; non-profit coalition; chief executives, and approximately 1,000 fellow NCC members.

Your business will also receive a great deal of support from our dedicated Chamber staff, Board of Directors, and the newly formed Government Affairs and Policies (GAP) Committee — all working hard to demonstrate that your membership “is truly our privilege.”

Community Leadership

The NCC Board of Directors works in conjunction with the President/CEO to achieve the vision and goals of the Chamber and its members. Our board is comprised of a diverse group of outstanding community leaders, local non-profits, small business owners, and high-ranking executives of large and small corporations. Their primary mission is to always serve in the best interest of our members.


The NCC makes an attempt to monitor all local and state legislation affecting business, and works closely with our GAP Committee task force to be your voice when you have issues and concerns. The committee will monitor local, state, and federal topics of concern. Hold meetings, discussions, and forums on hot topic issues affecting our community and your business — housing, environment, economic development, traffic, and minimum wage just to name a few. We will ensure that NCC members have a voice in the conversations that concern our fast-growing community.

One membership. All the tools you need to grow your business.