Why should I join the Napa Chamber?

That’s a question I’m frequently asked. I totally understand why the question would be posed by a new business owner or someone just moving into the community, but it’s a little more difficult to understand coming from those familiar with the 126-year history of the Napa Chamber of Commerce, a community institution with a very positive reputation of influence among longtime members and stakeholders, past presidents and board members and the business and nonprofit communities of Napa.

I know it’s been positive because I hear plenty of stories of the glory years of the Chamber, because I have the fortunate opportunity to engage with plenty of individuals from the aforementioned groups.

I recently met Ernest Rota of Claffey and Rota Funeral Home, at the grand opening ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new downtown branch of the Bank of Napa. He and his wife, Eloise, were kind enough to introduce themselves before letting me know that they have been members of the Chamber for 55 years. I came back to check our records and they’ve actually been members for 57 years. Thank you.

Ernest kindly wished me the best in my new role and told me how I had my hands full trying to lead the Chamber back to its rightful place. Early on I would have agreed with him.

Now that I’ve experienced the patience of many in the community — members and nonmembers alike — who continue to hold the Chamber in the highest regard, I’m even more confident that we’ll regain our voice among the many advocates and stakeholders of the valley, and be in a place to assist in guiding the positive direction of our great community.

So I would say invest in the Chamber if you also want to have a voice, because the one thing that I can guarantee is that the Chamber is doing a much better job of listening to our members/community so that we can better understand how to best represent them.

Thank you Chamber Ambassadors

Speaking of representing … big thank you to the Napa Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors for all that you do.

The Ambassadors are a solid group of 25 local, very professional, highly visible and underappreciated volunteers who serve as our primary liaison to the Napa community. The services they provide are essential to our business, membership and the Chamber team.

The Chamber has been an integral part of Napa Valley for more than 126 years. The organization and its members have experienced plenty of change but one thing that remains constant is the ability to engage, connect and collaborate. In my role as president/CEO I am focused on renewing that commitment to members and the Napa community.

Thank you for your patience and for your continued support of the Chamber.