Napa Chamber: Rebuild Napa with local integrity and resources

I applaud the effort of a new local task force — called Rebuild Napa —which was formed to lend a helping hand to those forced to rebuild their homes/lives following the October fires.

The group was started by Cherie Lubash, Todd Lubash, Mike Adams and Jenny Gass.

They felt it was their calling to assist a community in need following the tragic events – a community they’ve all called home their entire lives.

Their goal is to offer trustworthy, vetted lists of local businesses and services to help those needing to rebuild, hopefully reducing the fraudulent and unfair practice/price gouging by out-of-town contractors and businesses preying on vulnerable situations.

The heartfelt gesture of Rebuild Napa is a free service – to both residents faced with the daunting tasks to rebuild, and ….. read more