PG&E Storm Updates

This current weather system is expected to be the biggest storm to impact our service area over the past several years with forecasted wind gusts up to 60 mph in some areas. The strongest winds and heaviest rain are expected Thursday.

  • System-wide, PG&E is working to restore power to approximately 122,000 customers
  • In Marin and Napa, PG&E crews are working to restore power to a total of 3,293 customers spread over 101 outages
  • 99.6% of all impacted customers have been restored within 6 hours
  • Rain and high winds are expected to continue for the next several hours and I will be monitoring any new outages

Customers can get updates on outages in their neighborhood by:

  • Contacting our outage information line at 1-800-743-5002
  • Accessing our Electric Outage Map online.
  • Requesting to receive proactive outage alerts through email, text or phone through our website at

PG&E is utilizing technology to help us restore power more quickly and efficiently after a storm.  This includes the installation of automated equipment that “self-heals” the grid as well as timely and accurate outage data from our network.

SmartMeter™ technology is the backbone of the Smart Grid and plays an important role in our response to power outages during a storm.  We receive SmartMeter™ data within seconds of an outage to help us determine the scope and level of response needed.  The data alerts our emergency response centers when they’re out of power and help electric system operators pinpoint the exact location of an outage. They also tell us when power has been restored.  We can signal individual meters to help us determine if they’re out of power or not before repair crews leave a neighborhood.


Storm Safety Tips for Customers:

Treat all low hanging and downed power lines as if they are energized and extremely dangerous. Keep yourself and others away from them. Be aware of trees, pools of water and other objects that may be in contact with power lines.  If you see damaged power lines and electric equipment, call 911, and then notify PG&E at 1-800-743-5002.

During an outage, use battery-operated flashlights, and not candles, due to the risk of fire. If you must use candles, keep them away from drapes, lampshades, holiday trees and small children. Do not leave candles unattended

Customers with generators should make sure they are properly installed by a licensed electrician. Improperly installed generators pose a significant danger to our crews working on power lines

If you experience an outage, unplug or turn off all electric appliances to avoid overloading circuits and to prevent fire hazards when power is restored. Simply leave a single lamp on to alert you when power returns. Turn your appliances back on one at a time when conditions return to normal.

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