Napa Chamber of Commerce Endorses Regional Measure 3


Napa Chamber of Commerce Endorses Regional Measure 3
Following Unanimous Board Vote and Recommendation of
Government Affairs & Policies Committee


The Napa Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors unanimously voted to support Regional Measure 3, as recommended by the Government Affairs & Policies Committee, the advocacy arm of the business membership organization.

Regional Measure 3 (RM3) was authorized by Senate Bill 595 and provides a coordinated region-wide traffic relief plan. If approved by voters, Napa County stands to receive approximately $20 million to fund transportation and traffic relief projects.

Napa County’s projects would be overseen and the funds administered by the Napa County Transportation Authority (NCTA) and its Board of Directors.

RM3 traffic relief projects in the nine Bay Area counties would be funded with toll increases on State-owned bridges, by $1 every 4 years for a total $3 increase by 2027. Mandatory discounts would also be given for those who traverse two bridges in one day and for low-income public transportation users.

Potential projects benefitting Napa County include: SR 29 improvements and the Soscol Junction flyover, Red Top Road interchange improvements, Vine Trail bike/pedestrian trail connectivity, express bus service and lane enhancement, Soscol Ferry Road and SR 221 roundabouts, and SR 12/SR 121 intersection improvements. It is the Chamber’s belief that these improvements will enhance the quality of life for our residents and workers throughout the county, and the projects will create job opportunities. The funding would be generated by the users of our regional road and highway systems.

Other supporters of Regional Measure 3 include U. S. Congressman Mike Thompson, California Senator Bill Dodd, City of Napa Mayor Jill Techel, Napa Valley Transportation Authority, Napa Vine Trail, Napa Bicycle Coalition, and Napa Valley Vintners, to name a few.

The Napa Chamber urges you to vote YES on RM3 on Tuesday, June 5th.