Workmix Café Lounge is proud to announce its new featured Artist, Kaushik Copy

Workmix Café Lounge is proud to announce its new featured Artist, Kaushik.

  • Kaushik’s Artist’s Reception of “Ganga ~ A Journey”
  • Saturday, April 14, 2018 ~ 2 – 6 PM


Workmix Café Lounge

950 Randolph Street Napa, California RSVP (free event) by April 12 at 707-603-3986 or

“Ganga ~ A Journey”

This collection of photos depicts the wide range of human activities along the Ganga as it flows through the City of Varanasi. To Hindus, the Ganga at Varanasi holds a religious and cultural significance, and an embodiment of sacredness. I found it to embody a journey of human emotions, from celebration to disillusion to acceptance.

Nowhere in the world have I seen the circle of life and death within a few hundred yards of each other. I saw weddings being performed near cremations of dead bodies, at the same time. I saw people praying and drinking the river water they believed to have holy powers. Near this, men washed laundry, women carried milk for coffee for local businesses, and young boys washed buffaloes. Hindu families in the vicinity prayed for the health of their loved ones by placing floating candles in the Ganga River.

The Ganga compelled me to confront the cycle of human life and death, up front and center. This collection of images is just the beginning of my journey through the stages of human life. I hope you enjoy the images.

About Kaushik

Kaushik is an architect and photographer. He was born in India and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the last 20 years. Kaushik has formal training in photography and cinematography. He has a passion for fine art, and focuses his work on architecture, landscapes and portraits throughout the U.S. and worldwide. Aside from his current exhibit in Napa, California, he will feature his work in upcoming exhibits in San Francisco, Macau and New Delhi this year.

Kaushik’s work focuses on a unique form of patterns and textures — a strong reflection of his years of training as an architect. He believes in capturing the authenticity of the moment and prefers to create his images without any structural manipulation. He uses a minimalist approach to his photography and cinematography, as he believes less is more.

Kaushik is a proud member of the American Photographic Artists and The American Society of Media Photographers.


Artist’s Contact:

Kaushik 707-603-3986


Workmix Café Lounge Contact:

Cheryl Ann Shanks 408-421-8578