Napa SeniorWorks – Harvesting the Benefits of Experience

Many senior citizens living in Napa County are able to work and want to work if they can find jobs they can do that pay a reasonable wage. But the few employment agencies in the County are primarily geared to the needs of younger workers. None of the private agencies specialize in seniors, and while the Department of Employment Development (EDD) does have positions for senior employment specialists, the EDD offices are well south of downtown Napa and are difficult to visit for many prospective senior workers.

To provide prospective senior workers with a centralized employment service that specializes in finding work for all seniors over the age of 65, the Napa First United Methodist Church is now sponsoring an employment service for seniors staffed by a volunteer who was previously employed by EDD as a job developer and employment counselor.

Napa SeniorWorks acts as a liaison between employable Napa seniors looking for work and Napa employers looking for experienced and reliable workers who are available and ready to work. Prospective jobs are vetted for problems they might pose for senior workers and for needed accommodations for prospective senior workers. Prospective senior workers are referred solely on the basis of their ability to do the required work. A SeniorWorks Representative serves both prospective senior workers and prospective employers by visiting job sites to check their suitability for seniors and by interviewing prospective senior workers to determine their suitability for the offered employment. The SeniorWorks Representative will also make follow-up visits to senior worker job sites on an as-needed basis to try to resolve any work issues that may arise on the job. Napa SeniorWorks requires that prospective senior workers submit an application that focuses on the skills and abilities they can offer to prospective Napa County employers. Seniors are also encouraged to proactively identify particular Napa County employers they know or believe have the type of job they would like to perform. Once a potential employer is identified, the SeniorWorks Representative follows up with a query to the potential employer about the availability of jobs for senior workers in their enterprise and arranges for a personal hiring interview between the employer and senior applicant. If you are a senior looking for work or an employer needing senior workers, please leave a message at 707-305-3684 or email your questions to [email protected] regarding matching seniors looking for work with employers looking for senior workers. Senior Works is all about helping senior workers harvest the benefits of their experience.


A Sponsored Service of the Napa First United Methodist Church, 625 Randolph Street, Napa, CA 94559