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The results are clear: Positive perception increases among consumer and business owners when a business is identified as a member of the local chamber of commerce. Consumers are 65% more likely to buy goods and service from a company that they believe is a member of the local chamber of commerce.
When business decision-makers believe a business is a chamber member, they are 37% more likely to think favorably of the business, 51% more likely to be highly aware of it, 58% more likely to think positively of its local reputation, and 59% more likely to buy goods and services from it.

Engaged Member

Annual Investment: $500

Why be an Engaged Member of the Napa Chamber? Better connections, to start. Get connected with other businesses — and the community — with this entry-level membership for less than $50 per month!

Not only does an Entrepreneur Membership give you instant recognition as a Napa Chamber member, it provides opportunities and discounts to benefit your business.

Connected Member

Annual Investment: $1,500

The Napa Chamber is 128 years strong and an integral part of the Napa community. For $100+ per