Mad City Money presentation at Napa Valley College

At Mad City Money, young adults will learn about budgeting, savings, debt repayment, and credit-worthiness in a fun and engaging environment.  In addition, attendees are given the opportunity to practice real life budgeting using an assigned identity, complete with a family and bills to pay.

You can read what the students at New Tech High School in Napa had to say about Mad City Money from out visit earlier this year:

Within the simulation, there are 8 vendors (represented by volunteers) from which the students must “purchase” items.  They cover the following areas:

  • Housing & Utilities
  • Entertainment (Leisure Activities)
  • Food & Dining
  • Shopping Mall
  • Clothing & Personal Care
  • Household Needs
  • Kid Care (Child Care)
  • Transportation (Automotive Sales)

With this in mind, Mad City Money may be an excellent opportunity for chamber members to volunteer – a bonus would be having businesses from these industries volunteering at their industry-specific table!  If they desire, they can bring some swag to give to the students, all for the purpose of raising awareness for their business in the Napa Valley.  Student and volunteers mayregister at

Wednesday, July 17th
Napa Valley College Student Center (Bldg 900)
2277 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa CA 94558

Student Registration: 12:30pm
Volunteer Registration: 1:30pm

Register today: