Connecting your world!

Since 2009, Nextalk and sister company (RFG Communications, est. 1992)) has
been owned and operated by Wayne Martin. Using his electronic technical skills
gained in the Military to good use, Wayne established RFG Communication to
focus on two-way radio sales and support functions. In 2009 Wayne saw the
future of radio’s changing and established Nextalk, focusing on digital radio’s.
Currently RFG Communication is one of the largest two-way radio companies in
South Africa and Nextalk has expanded its reach to opening a branch in
California, USA.

Nextalk is a family owned and certified small business. We have spent many
years developing the knowledge, experience and skill to become the one source
for all your two-way radio sales, service and installation needs. In the last 11
years’ we have also expanded our experience to digital two way radio network
installations, which has given us the leading edge over many competitors.
With 28 years of experience in the two-way radio industry, working across
multiple sectors, I am hoping to share my learnings and expertise here in
California, and thereby support your business growth and communication.
Our goal is to establish your trust and confidence by providing affordable and
reliable communication with, no surprise monthly bills. We understand the
critical nature of reliable communication throughout your organization.
For the industries we service, two-way radios have proven to be a more effective
tool, let us assist you in allowing two-way radios be a cost effective and reliable
tool for yours!