Napa Chamber Announces Formation of
Countywide Business Advisory Group

Collaborative Alliance Includes Local Health and Government Officials, Chambers, and Business and Community Stakeholders


The Napa Chamber of Commerce announced today that the organization has formed a Countywide Business Advisory Group that will work with health and government officials, Chambers and key business owners/operators and community stakeholders to develop guidance and rules of engagement for business sector reopening and economic recovery.

The advisory group will consist of representatives from key economic sectors to develop respective draft guidance for each sector. Each sector group will provide a link to state, regional and local factors and protocols that lead to reopening. This information will identify where we align with state and regional guidelines, and where our particular set of circumstances warrant local customization.

“The Napa Chamber understands that our business community is feeling uneasy in these unprecedented times”, said Mike Murray, NCC Board Chair and Chief Financial Officer of Napa Recycling and Waste. “We realize there are many questions surrounding the timeline and processes for reopening sectors of our economy, especially when new information emerges almost daily.”

With a focus on public safety and trust our business community can thoughtfully and methodically begin to reopen in a way that will reduce the risk of the spread of COVID 19.

“Our executive team has shared our plans with Napa County Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Relucio, and received her support to proceed.” said Murray. “As we move forward, collaboration and recommendations will be in conjunction with Dr. Relucio, and include public health guidance at every stage.”

NCC will also work with all local Chambers, and industry groups like Visit Napa Valley and the Napa Valley Vintners to coalesce and convey the needs of businesses and their workforce to local government and the community.

“We recognize that resuming normal operations swiftly is tempting,” said Christi Coors-Ficeli, NCC Executive Committee Board member and CEO at Goosecross Cellars. “However, it is imperative that we each take individual responsibility for the broader effort, and that we are unified and cohesive in our actions. The unfortunate consequences could mean extended or renewed closures and set us back rather than helping us move forward.”

Local government is rightfully focused on COVID-19 public health and related governmental impacts and issues. Therefore, it is imperative that a cohesive and comprehensive plan is developed to address how local businesses and sectors begin to reopen and recover.

“Government is a partner in the solution, but not the sole solution,” said Ken Frank, Board Advocacy Chair and Owner/Executive Chef at LaToque. “The business community can play a role in shaping what comes next. The ultimate goal is to insure and maintain our health and safety – and to get our workforce back to work as quickly as feasible and as safely as possible.”

The critical and practical guidance provided by the business community and stakeholder groups will be key in developing and implementing a plan for the reopening of businesses and Napa County’s eventual recovery and the Chamber looks forward to the collaboration.

Napa Chamber of Commerce Community Assist Campaign

Introducing the Napa Chamber of Commerce Community Assist Campaign. This ongoing video series is being created to serve as a very simple assist to spark positive, productive conversations among leadership, business owners/operators, stakeholders and community members during a very challenging time.

We hope the messages of support and hope will serve as a reminder to all that we will get through TOGETHER. We will also be reaching out to Chamber members and Community stakeholders throughout the campaign to assist us in providing a path for your voices and messages to also be heard throughout the Napa Valley — the precious place we’re all so fortunate to call home.

Thank you to my Board of Directors, and collaborative media partners Caleb Sutter (1700 Film and Media), KVON/KVYN and the Napa Register.

Our sincere appreciation to all NCC members for your continued and unwavering support. It’s our privilege to engage, connect and collaborate with you during these challenging times.

Travis Stanley
Napa Chamber of Commerce

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