BBSI Napa & North Bay Newsletter

  • Napa First Thursday! We again will be hosting First Thursday at the Napa Yard Oxbow from 4-6:30, December 1st! This is open to our clients, potential clients and partners. Come enjoy some food and beverage with and on us!
  • Wine Down Wednesday will return December 14th at Brewster’s in Petaluma from 4-6:30. Please join us for a spectacular afternoon/evening. If you have not been to the Winter Wonderland at Brewster’s now will be the time to be there.
  • Toys for Tots! ‘Tis the season of generosity, a time to lift up those in need! This year Toys for Tots Celebrates its 75th Anniversary of bringing joy to children across America. Please join our efforts to give back to our community this holiday season. You may bring your unwrapped gifts/donations to the BBSI Napa office, or to one of our upcoming holiday happy hour events: December 1st and December 14th. Financial donations are also accepted online:  Thank you for your contributions & support!
  • Webinars! We are excited to announce a quarterly training calendar that will feature our team delivering content rich materials that will be essential for you and your business. The trainings will be hosted live for your questions. Additionally, our team can come to your office and tailor these trainings for you and your team. Q4 2022 Trainings will be:


California Legal Updates & Year End Housekeeping

December 8th, 2022  at 11am

New California Employment Laws that may impact your business, understanding your compliance obligations and solutions to help you be even better in 2023.

Hosted by Human Resources Consultants – Kourtney Wiley and Veronica Castorena

              To register please follow the link below:


Risk Webinar: Illness & Injury Reporting Via CorVel 24/7

December 14th, 2022 at 11 am

Information about properly structured job descriptions, modified job descriptions and illness & injury reporting via CorVel 24/7.

Hosted by Risk Consultants – Colin Perkins and Bruce Hotaling  and Human Resources Consultants – Kourtney Wiley and Veronica Castorena

              To register please follow the link below:


  • Recruiting! As a reminder we are recruiting with no charge for all our clients through December 31! Please take advantage of the opportunity to take items off your plate and let us help you be even better as we move into 2023. We have a premium recruiting partnership with Indeed and can help close the gap on the time and cost it takes to fill a job. It simply makes sense to utilize BBSI to help you find top talent by simplifying the process for you and keeping you focused on your business.

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 152 into law on September 29, extending California’s 2022 COVID-19 Supplemental Paid Sick Leave law to December 31, 2022. The bill also creates a program that will reimburse qualifying small businesses and nonprofits for costs incurred providing employees with COVID-19 supplemental paid sick leave.  Please contact BBSI for additional information.

  • Many more employment law updates are happening that will directly impact you and your business! Please attend our webinar to learn more about these as there are too many to mention and get you the right guidance
  • FUTA Credit Reduction-We updated you on pending developments related to California “FUTA credit reduction.” It now appears likely that California will be subject to FUTA credit reduction for 2022, which will impose additional tax burdens on California employers. Please ensure you have read our previous email outlining what will occur.
  • Retirement Requirements have and are changing you must have implemented a qualified retirement plan with 5+ employees are require to offer their employees an option to contribute to a qualified retirement plan. If you have not BBSI can extend our 401K to you at a much lower expense than on the open market.
  • Year End Planning – Do not forget to Maximize Annual Retirement Contributions

Review and ensure those interested in maximizing their annual retirement plan contributions are maximized including those eligible for “catch up” contributions.

  • Ensure all employee data is updated. Great time to offer and set up Direct Deposit. Want to make sure everyone gets their W2’s.
  • Fed Ex – Expected Delays as we approach the Holidays keep in mind we will experience delays.  To ensure checks are delivered we recommend to process 3 days prior to check date.  We will be looking at currier service options post the holidays to ensure better delivery times.


  • Defensive Driving – Motor vehicle accidents cause more workplace deaths than anything else. They account for some 37% of on-the-job deaths in the United States. This involved some 1,700 workers. You can only imagine the cost to those companies involved. Business leaders hopefully are requiring every employee whose job calls for ‘behind-the-wheel’ activity, to take a defensive driving/driver safety course. The 15 rules of defensive driving stress patience, caution, and consistency. Abide by them.

Outlined below are some defensive driving tips to share with your staff:

1.       Prepare before you leave. Build in time to avoid rushing and allow for breaks. Perform a vehicle inspection prior to departing.

2.       Look Ahead. Always keep scanning the road ahead and behind. Think of the “10-second” rule or envision ¼ mile ahead.

3.       Prepare for the unexpected. One never knows what the intentions of the other drivers is. Be alert.

4.       Don’t speed. Excessive speed cut’s reaction time and obviously would result in greater damage to the vehicle. If uncomfortable with the speed of the other drivers stay to the right

5.       Don’t drive when impaired. Aside for drunk driving there is fatigue, illness, the use of medications to consider.

6.       Always wear a seat belt. Wearing of a seatbelt does cut the likelihood of dying in a traffic accident.

7.       Don’t run the red lights. Those that do fit into three categories: daydreamers, distracted drivers, and aggressive or impatient drivers. Don’t be one of these.

8.       Follow traffic laws. Basic traffic laws codify the concept of defensive driving Don’t ignore the rules. They are there because statistics prove they are needed.

9.       Create space. A safe following distance rule is to stay 2 to 4 seconds behind the driver in front depending upon traffic variables.

10.   Signal correctly. Use proper timing when planning on a turn, crossing lanes, so the driver behind fully understands your intention. Signaling too soon can cause confusion.

11.   Know the vehicles blind spots. Remember, there is a spot that can hide the vehicle along side of you.

12.   Avoid distractions. Distractions like eating, drinking, applying makeup, cell phone usage, adjusting music—the list can go on. Create distractions that take your focus away from the road.

13.   Beware of intersections. More than 80% of all collisions in cities result in injury or death stem from signal-light intersections.

14.   Take is slow in rain or snow. Rule of thumb—slow down by a third in the rain and by half in snow.

15.   Pass safely. Pass only where allowed. Make certain the road ahead is clear. Do not tailgate before passing.

  • Client Referral Contest! The contest will be coming to a close in the coming weeks and are excited to share that several of you have referred us opportunities based on our partnership and that the prizes are going to be great and spotlight our clients. Including bike tours of Napa Valley and overnight stays in safari’s. Its not too late to refer us and get yourself in the running! We need your help to grow. If you have a referral please let any member of our team know ASAP!
  • Wine Down Wednesday! We will not have this month’s event due to timing with Thanksgiving. Look for more information to come on a spectacular time at Brewsters in Petaluma, December 7th. You will not want to miss this event!
  • Owner Deep Dives and Roundtables! If you have not had a deep dive with us and or attended an owner roundtable now is the chance to move your buiness forward with us. Sheila Boyd and I will be reaching out to get you scheduled to enhance your busienss plan for 2023 and beyond. Additionally, we will be relaunching our Owner Roundtables that are intended to create a community of business owners helping other business owners accelerate one anothers stratagies. These are exciting and will position you to be even more preparred for the next one to three years.
  • Referral Partner Spotlight! We will be hosting meetings every other week, on Monday afternoons, in our office, allowing time for our partners to share more about what they do and how they can help our clients be event better. Please reach out to Sheila and or myself to get your business scheduled and be in front of our entire team to advocate for you and how you can help local businesses.